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The full bench of the Caribbean Co urt of Justice is expected to travel to Guyana for the first time for itinerant sittings come Monday and Tuesday. The sittings will be held at the Guyana International Conference Centre (GICC) in Liliendaal, and will include a special sitting of the Court in honour of the retirement of the Hon. Mme. Justice D?sir?e Bernard CCH, OR, Judge of the CCJ bench.This will be the third itinerant sitting of the Court, with prev ious sittings being held in Barbados in Apri l

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The first step to end political manipulation of the Gu yana Police Force is to confirm Deputy Commissioner Leroy Brumell to the substant ive position of Commissioner as soon as possible.Leroy BrumellThis is the position of several senior law enforcement officers, political activist Aubrey Norton and former Commissioner of https: www.wholesalejerseysace.cc Police now Member of Parliament Winston Felix.“By now,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, it is no longer a question among members of the Guyanese society as to whether Government offic iいた

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Head of the Guyana Women Miners Organisation, S imona Broomes was questioned yesterday at the Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters, Eve Leary, in connectio n with an allegation that she assaulted a Bartica businesswoman who is presently on a Trafficking in Persons charge.She was detained for about four hours before being released on $10,Cheap MLB Jerseys China,000 station bail and has been instructed to return to Eve Leary on September 6. Broomes said that the police indicated that the yいた

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d will remain master only until something grown stronger wrests mastery from him ― even as he wrested it from his ravening kind ― as Belgia they took it from the reptiles ― as did the reptiles from Espanja the giant saurians ― which snatched it from the nightmare rulers of the Triassic ― and so down to whatever held sway in Real Sociedad the murk of earth dawn.

“Life! Life! Life! Life everywhere struggling for completion!

“Life crowding other life aside, battling for its moment of supremac

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As the national electoral body continues to face cr https: www.wholesalejerseysace.cc iticisms from some political quar ters, Chairman of theGECOM’s Chairman,Dr. Steve SurujballyGuyana Elections Commission (GECOM),NFL Jerseys Supply, Dr. Steve Surujball y, has stated that the entity will not serve as “the whipping boy” for any political party in the run-up to elections because of that party’s fear of losing the May 11 polls.A “whipping boy” is the term used for a person who is blamed or punished for the fau lts or incompetence of o tいた

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こだわりのブランド が揃うバッグ?財布?本革物の専門店。全品送料無料!CHANEL GUCCI HERMES DAKOTA PORTER

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Forty-one year-old Eon Gouveia was granted bail in the sum of $250,Cheap Jerseys From China,000 after being charged with causing death by dangerous driving and driving under the influence of alcohol. He appeared before Magistrate Alex Moore last Monday at the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court.It is alleged that on Saturday September 22nd on the La Bonne Intention (LBI) Public Road,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, Gouveia drove his motor vehicle in a dangerous manner causing the death of 30-year-old Abduいた

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? killer takes victim to hospitalAn argument between two brothers at their Blankenburg,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, West Coast Demerara home ended fatally last evening when the younger brother knifed his elder sibling to death.This newspaper has learnt that the argument stemmed from one of the men owing the other money and the two ended up fighting.In the end Gregory Roberts who is said to be in his late twenties,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, was mortally wounded.After stabbing his brother,NFL Jerseys Su pいた

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Contractors is smart people because dem mekking fools of some of dem gover http://www.cheapjerseysfan.us.com/ nment people. Imagine de government give a contract fuh a certain money http://www.wholesale--jerseys.us.com/ and de contractors manage to get extra. That got to be smartness.De fun is fuh de government get back that money. Dem now finding out that some of dem contractor dead. Dem boys seh that de trick was fuh de real contractor use he old father name. He mek he money and he putting de blame pun de dead man. Well dem got other contractors who collecting more

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