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A Partnership for Nationa l Unity (APNU) has r egistered its dissatisfaction with the meager increase of five per cent to the wages and salaries of a ll public servants. The Party is therefore calling on the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP ) administration to negotiate with the Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) “in good faith for the benefit of the public servants of Guyana and in the interest of efficient government.”Opposition Leader, David GrangerAt a press conference held at his office, jいた

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One youth was hospitali sed and subsequently discharged yesterday, wh ile his alleged attacker is in police custody following a brawl at a May Fair held at the Be rbice Educational Institute on Saturday.Injured is Seon Evans, 19,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, of Harkmans Lane,Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys, New Amsterdam, who it is understood received a gash on his head above his eye, causing his face to swell. He also sustained bruises about his body.The attacker,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Richard King Da v

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日系のYAMADAスーパーコピー時計通販です。弊社すべてのスーパーコピーブランド時計は2年品質保証になります。ガガミラノスーパーコピー等のブランド時計コピーは日本国内での送料が無料になります。担当者は能登 納期確認050-4560-1315。

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Although the Caribbean Examinatio n Council (CXC) has been touting its Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) as a strategic move to improve the performances of students from an early stage, the local Education Ministry is still carefully considering the details of the initiative.CXC Registrar,Dr Didacus JulesThe CPEA which is intended to replace the Common Entrance examination has been adopted by a number of Caribbean territories and reports suggest that positive results are being realised.Butいた

Wholesale NFL Jerseys s1m2vgz 投稿者: 投稿日:2017/10/11(Wed) 06:35 No.56304   HomePage
Guyanese actor Marc Gomes says his screen adaptation of the iconic Guyanese novel “Corentyne Thunder” will zoom in on the character of Kattree and he is currently in the country scouting for locations and investors.The novel was wr itten by Guyanese Edgar Mittelholzer,Cheap Jerseys, who is thought to be the first professional novelist to emerge in the Caribbean.“Corentyne Thunder” is supposedly the first modern novel to focus on the lives of immigrants from India in the British Caribbean colonie s

Wholesale Jerseys klehcctp 投稿者: 投稿日:2017/10/11(Wed) 03:38 No.56303   HomePage
72-year-old Clementine Parris? businessman’s nephew still in custodyPolice re portedly have the licence number of a car that an eyewitness claime d transported the two gunmen who killed 72-year-old Clementine Parris in her Robb Street home, Thursday night.The licence number was reportedly provided to ranks ye sterday by someone who saw the suspects fleeing the scene.Eyewitnesses have described the getaway car as a silver-grey vehicle, and some sources said that the suspects had been ‘circling’ the

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