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A mid-term evaluation report outlin ed 36 recommendations to the Regional SteeringCommitte e of the Guianas’ Sustainable Natural Resources Management Project (GSNRMP), when representatives met in Guyana on Tuesday.Presen ted by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Regional Representative,China Jerseys Cheap, Dominiek Plouvier, the report stated that while the overall management of the project was good,Jerseys NFL Cheap, monitoring it needed more management. Plouvier added that the project has gained wide acc e

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Chateram Singh calle d TrevonForty-seven year-old Chateram Singh called Trevon of 2 6 Vryheid’s Lust Public Road,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, East Coast Demerara,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, succ umbed almost five-and-a-half hours after he was struck down by a motorcycle on the main East Coast Demerara Highway,Cheap NFL Jerseys, yesterday.The accident occurred around 11:30 hours and Singh was pronounced dead just before 17:00 hours at the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was rece iving treatment.According

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Government, in boosting the tourism se ctor,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, is set to launch a special package under the theme “Festival of Colours” from March 2 ? 9,Cheap J erseys From China, 2012, which will coincide with the annual Holi Phagwah festival.Tourism officials revealed that the aim of the project is to get Guyanese living abroad to come home for the week and “rediscover their homeland”. This is one of the many series of tourism packages aimed at the Diaspora.“We are targeting overseas-base d

Wholesale Jerseys 2018 zdrxkw 投稿者: 投稿日:2018/03/02(Fri) 12:58 No.56787   HomePage
…to purchase renewable energy streetlightsCabinet has agreed to canc el the residual funds al http: www.jerseyscheap.biz located to National Hardware (Guyana) Limited,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,Government has reallocated US$2.9M to buy renewable energy streetlights.under the Japanese Non-Project Grant Aid (JNPGA) of 2013 a nd to reallocate those funds for the procurement of renewable energy and energy efficient street lights on highways,NFL Jerseys Supply, in townships and Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs).These efforts

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…electoral reform stalledThe main opposition People’s National Congress Refo rm (PN CR) is accusing the Government of attempting to arbitrarily abandon the work of the Task Force on Local Government Reform, putting local government elections further in jeopardy.Leader of the PNCR, Robert Corbin,Cheap Jerseys From China, at a press conference yesterday, said that he received a memorandum from the co-chair of the Task Force, Clinton Collymore, suggesting that there was a deadlock in talks and that t

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Government has announced the establishment of a Board of Inquiry to inv estigate the allegations of corruptionBarry Datarammade by a self-confessed drug lord,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China, Barry Dataram, against the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU).This was according to the President, David Granger, at the Ministry of the Presidency, yesterday.Recently, Dataram during an interview on a local television station, confessed to “doing drugs”. However, he boasted of never having been convicted on a

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As Ashmin’s Trading prepares for the grand finale of the ‘Win this Car’ promotion,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, the management has extended http: www.jerseyscheap.biz gratitude to customers for making the first venture a success.“To date we have had more than 25,Jerseys NFL Wholesale,000 entries from customers who simply shopped retail in our stores and took advantage of our low prices and q uality products.”The $2.2M car up for grabs on January 9The final draw will be held at Ashmins Trading on January 9,Wholesale Jerseys Sto r

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The Government has approv http://www.nfljerseyscheaponline.us.com/ ed a five percent across the board salary increase for all public servants and members of the disciplined services with effect from January 1, 2010. The five percent increase will also be paid to all Government pensioners.Teachers, who were previously paid a five percent increase from January 2010 in accordance with their 2006-2010 multiyear agreement, will be paid an additional one percent in lieu of the performance incentive contemplated by that agreement. That agreeme

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