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A son of the former Prime http://www.mlbjerseysauthentic.us.com/ Minister of Bangladesh, Khaleda Zia, was last year jailed for laundering millions of dollars in bribes taken from the Chinese company that has been handed a US$150M contract to rebuild the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA).It is among the latest in a series of shocking revelations about China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC), the parent company of which has been debarred by the World Bank for participating in any of its contracts until 2017.Jailed: Arafat Rahm

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…Magda Pollard is a ‘Special Person’“We all have a brain. We should all be free to participate in the areas where we have expertise.” By Neil MarksAt the height of the second wave of fe minism the world saw, Magda Pollard emerged as the face of Guyana and the Caribbean in the struggle to end all forms of discrimination against women, and created a legacy that remains unrivalled.The world operates on the psyche of men, she believes, accult urated to the view that men are the boss. But there has be e

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After five mostly miserable weeks, Green Authentic Aust rali a NBA Jerseys Outlet Bay NFL Cheap Jerseys pitched a second-half shutout on the Atlanta Falcons and came up with l ate-game turnovers in a 22-21 win. The Packers clamped down on the run, Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys especially after halftime. For the most part, they corrected a season-long problem with missed tackles.
"It was Cheap Jerseys From China a hug e game for us and I think it was something that we needed to get the confidence Discount

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Guyana’s mental health c hallenge is greater “than our small eco nomy can manage,” said Minister of Health Dr. Bheri Ramsaran, yesterday. However, he disclosed that earnest efforts are being made to add ress this dilemma.But those efforts are currently being slowed by the deportation of derelicts from the United States of America.“We are exporting our youths and America is re-exporting to us, derelicts,” said the Minister who announced yesterday that “we have a lot more people coming back who have nfl-adam-shaheen-jersey

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?? Luncheon says once technical a spect satisfied,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Government goes for best possible deal The majority of all texts used in the school system, in both public and private schools,Stitched Jerseys, are pirated copies. This was furt her underscored when the Education Ministry requested in a bid document for the supply of text books that “the covers must be in full colour and the text must closely resemble the original text.”Bids for the supply and delivery of textbooks for th e

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? Garbage collection to resume todayOverflowi ng bins outside a cit y residence yesterdayCity Hall has been able to pay close to $40M to solid waste contractors, a sum that will see them resuming garbage collection in the city today.This disclosure was made by the municipality’s Public Relations Officer, Royston King, yesterday.The contractors, Cevon’s Waste Management and Puran Brothers Disposal Service,Cheap NFL Jerseys, had withdrawn their service last Monday, due to the municipality’s inabili t

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Seven days after he was convicted for trafficki ng a large quantity of cocaine, police are on the hunt for s elf-confessed drug lord,Jerseys Cheap NFL, Barry Dataram, and his reputed wife Anjanie Boo dnarine. The wanted bulletin says they are wanted for possession of narcotics for trafficking and possession of ammunition.Police in a bulletin said that Barry Dataram, called ‘Kevin Dataram’, or ‘Kevin Mogatani’;? and Anjanie Boodnarine, called ‘Cindy’,? are wanted for the offences which occurred on A

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…also makes contribution to child seeking surgery in IndiaBy Sean DeversGuyana and West Indies cricketer, Ramnaresh ‘Ron nie’ Sarwan, continued to a make contributions to the less fortunate in Guyana for the Christmas season with donations of groceries to the St Ann’s Girls Orphanage and t o the Dharm Shala.Sarwan’s father, Kishan (right), presents the monetary donation for little Delvin Ramlakhan’s surgery in India to Naresh Jairam of the Three-Rivers Kids Foundation.The former West Indies capta http: www.jerseyscheap.co i

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